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Lizzie Te Rongopatai (Phone 021 287 1634)
Lizzie Te Rongopatai
Property Manager

Lizzie Te Rongopatai

Lizzie Te Rongopatai thrives under pressure. As a strong multi-tasker, Lizzie is solution driven and isn’t afraid to get the job done.

With experience as a selling agent, Lizzie knows how to deal with the logistics that come with property. A background as both landlord and tenant also equips her with a deeper knowledge of how the process works on both sides of the fence.

Her compassionate nature and background make for a property management superstar. Equipped with an array of administration skills and a keen eye for detail, Lizzie has the unfailing ability to meet the needs of both tenant and owner. It is also clear that excellent communication is something that Lizzie has mastered.

When she gets a moment out of the office, Lizzie enjoys spending time at the beach; being a Gisborne girl after all! Grabbing a good coffee with her husband and walking their beautiful GSP dog Gracie along the beach is one of the things that brings Lizzie joy. Wholesome traits such as these are what makes her such an approachable and warm person. A combination of vibrant personality traits and pro-active service skills makes Lizzie an incredible asset to the Bronwyn Kay Agency team.


Fixed Term In Wainui
17 Murphy Road, Wainui
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$850.00 per week